Teachers and educators are devoted to lifelong learning. We offer an online directory of workshops from trusted professional development providers, which ensures teachers and educators have access to relevant and meaningful  learning to inspire their students’ education and future.

As teachers ourselves, we know it can be time consuming to find a PD we want to attend, and which is relevant to what our learning plan is. Often, we’ve missed a workshop because we did not know it was happening. Did that happen to you too? And sometimes we just don’t have the time to look for that opportunity that will make a difference to our teaching.

So we came up with EduPD. EduPD is an online platform catered for professionals working in the education sector to enable them to easily find and book Professional Learning and Personal Development courses and workshops. Gathering information from different and trusted course providers, we make it easy for you to discover relevant courses.

Whether you are after a face-to-face workshop, a webinar or an online course to help you build your skills or enlarge your knowledge, whether you are a secondary or primary school teacher, an early childhood professional, a learning specialist, an educational support staff or a principal class staff, EduPD helps you book professional development and learning opportunities that are relevant to your area of interest and expertise. 

Simple and easy to search and book, thus saving you time, find your next Professional Development course on EduPD or join our mailing list to receive tailored information on upcoming PDs near you.

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